Bale Mountains National Park
Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights
Transportation: (Car 4x4)

You leave Addis Ababa after an early breakfast, drive south past the Rift Valley lakes, and then at Shashamane you will turn east to the Bale Region. This 400-km trip will take nearly the whole day, but the lovely scenery and interesting towns en route will make you feel it has been well worth the time.
The 3000-square-kilometre Bale Mountains National Park is the larg¬est Afro-alpine park in the whole of Africa. It is the home of several endemic mammals such as the Semien fox, the mountain nyala and the Menelik bushbuck, and for numerous species of birds such as the thick-billed raven, the wattled ibis, the blue-winged goose and Rouget’s rail.
The park is an ideal area for hiking, fishing and horseback riding. You will spend three nights there, one at the Goba Ras Hotel and two at the Bale Park Lodge.
On the fourth morning, after breakfast, you drive back to Goba, and then drive down to one of the Rift valley lakes called Hara Langano. You will arrive there around the evening. Overnight at Hara eco-lodge. You will celebrate your night there with bon fire, with fresh air breath out of the lake, dinner and wine. Kayaking is available in the morning or early in the evening. . Hippos are guaranteed to be seen closely to the lodge at the shore of the lake. Fishing is available if fishing tools is with customer’s hand.
On the fifth day after breakfast make boat cruising or kayaking over the lake. Then you drive back to Addis via Mojjo. Lunch in time at a convenient place on the ride back to Addis.
Daily road map
Day- 01– Addis Ababa to Bale Goba. Overnight in Bale Goba at Goba ras Hotel
Day-02– Goba to Bale Mountain. Drive up to Bale Mountain. Overnight at Bale Mountain Lodge set at an altitude of 2,400 m

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