Debre Zeit Crater Lakes

Duration: 1 Day or Overnight

From the city centre you drive southeast, descending through undu­lating hills covered with fields of grain and seasonal crops and grazing cattle surrounding villages of round thatched tukuls. After about an hour’s drive, with a stop for fresh fruit juice along the way, you arrive at Debre Zeit, a town set in the midst of the enchanting deep circular lakes that lie in the craters of five extinct volcanoes on this western edge of the Great Rift Valley.

Debre Zeit, just 45 km from Addis Ababa and bathed in sunshine throughout most of the year, is a favorite resort for both foreign and domestic tourists. The serene waters of the seven volcanic lakes in the vicinity provide delightful settings for boating, fishing and swim­ming, or simply strolling along the shores and Bird watching. Lake Hora has particularly well-developed recreational facilities. Debre Zeit is also the home of the Ethiopian Air Force.If you wish, you can return to Addis Ababa the same evening. But we recommend you spend the night at the available lodges, resorts and Hotel, which over­looks Lake Hora.

1st day-Drive Addis Ababa to Debreziet. Overnight in Debreziet.

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