When is the best season to travel in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is a year round destination. For rain sensitive travelers the rainy season in the Northern part of the country is during July, August and early September but it is summer in the south during these months. The rainy season hardly affects the tours as it rains only for a limited time with sunshine for most of the day.

Can I travel alone?

Ethiopia is one of the safest destinations for an individual traveling either guided or alone. Before journeying alone we recommend that you consult with a local tour operator on where to travel and current conditions.

Do you have age restriction for any of your trips?

One must be at least 16 years old to travel independently. There is no upper age limit on our tours however we need a medical report for travelers older than 75 taking part in challenging tours. All family tours are open for children of any age, please advise us in advance. There are no restrictions on the number of children on a trip.

Do you offer trips for disabled people?

Yes, we do arrange special interest tours and we need clients requiring this service to contact us in advance with detailed information.

What kind of transportation do you use?

Our tours are conducted by private, fully equipped, air conditioned 4WD land cruisers, mini buses and buses. Below is a general vehicle classification:
Transfers in Addis Ababa:
Individuals, small sized groups: (1-12pax sets)Mini buses
Medium, large sized groups: (1-23pax sets)Coaster buses

City Tours in Addis Ababa: Individuals, small sized groups: Mini buses
Medium, large sized groups: Mini buses, coaster buses

Surface Tours to the Northern/Eastern parts if Ethiopia:
Individuals, small sized groups: 4WD land cruisers, mini buses
Medium, large sized groups: 4WD land cruisers, mini buses, coaster buses

Surface Tours to the Southern/Western parts if Ethiopia:
Individuals, small, medium or large sized groups: 4WD land cruisers

Are all the trips accompanied by a guide?

We can conduct the tours with English speaking driver guides or accompanying guides for the whole route or local guides at each destination. We can provide accompanying guides who speak English/German/French/Spanish etc for individuals or groups.

How far in advance should I reserve a trip?

In order to confirm the desired hotels it is recommended that bookings are made at least three months prior to the departure date. For special events and festivals it is necessary to book at least 5 months in advance since hotel availability can be difficult to secure otherwise. Last minute booking is always possible depending on availability.

How much advance payment do I need?

Twenty percent of the total payment should be arranged upon confirming a booking. The remaining balance should be settled one month before departure.

What is your trip cancellation Policy?

Cancellation made 30 days before departure will have no penalty and the confirmation fee will be fully refunded. Any cancellation for confirmed bookings made less than 30 days from the arrival date will be subject to the following charges:
25 days before arrival – 20% will be charged
15 Days before arrival – 40% will be charged
7 Days before arrival – 60% will be charged
3 days before arrival – 100% will be charged
Postponing travel dates is possible if we are notified in advance and depending on availability.

How can I get an entry Visa?

Travelers can apply for an entry visa at the nearest Ethiopian embassy. Many countries can obtain an entry visa upon arrival at Bole International Airport. Please refer to the Visa & Immigration section on the Travel Tips page.

Which vaccination is compulsory to travel in Ethiopia?

It is important that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date travel health information on Ethiopia before traveling. We recommend advising your physician or Travel Health clinic before traveling

Is travel insurance mandatory?

We do not require a travel insurance policy, but we highly recommend it as it is helpful for certain incidents like trip cancellation, loss of baggage, need for medical attention, evacuation service or other travel inconvenience.

How can I pay for my trip?

We currently only accept official bank transfer. We shall update the information once we restart our credit card service. Contact us for our bank details.

What kind of luggage will be appropriate for a trip?

It is highly recommended that you to travel light as the baggage allowance for domestic flights is limited to two pieces of luggage not exceeding 20 kg.

What Kind of cloths should I pack?

Comfortable dressing is recommended for travels in all parts of the country. While traveling in the south we recommend clothing of a casual nature preferably cotton and khaki with neutral colors. Warm sweaters or jackets are also advisable for the cool evenings especially in the northern part and the mountains. Please refer to the Cloths to wear section on the Travel Tips Page for further information.

Can you book my international flight?

We can handle both your international and domestic flight bookings. Please note that if you fly with Ethiopian Airlines for your international sector then there is up to 50% discount on the domestic sector.

Do you have a business license?

Yes. We are licensed tour operation with a tour&travel license issued by the Ethiopian culture & tourism Office, registration number ……………..

How do I get the ticket?

We issue electronic tickets. As soon as we receive your payment, we will email you an itinerary and give you a confirmation number and a ticket number which you verify later with the airlines directly. In the case of a paper ticket, we will ship it to you via Federal Express and give you a tracking number.