5 DAYS by flight

Day 01 Addis Ababa to Axum
Catch the flight in the morning at 07:00 AM. The program of the day in Axum is described as follows with some historic details. Magnificent tour and world-famous historic sites of Northern Ethiopia.
AXUM is 1333 kms from Addis. Axum was the capital of ancient Ethiopia and a great trading center. Egyptian, Greek, Assyrian, Persian and Phoenician merchants made the arduous journey here to purchase gold coins, ivory, incense, spices and other rare items. The traders have long since gone, but signs of that glorious epoch remain — you will see for yourself the immense carved stelae in the middle of the town, some still standing even after two thousand years. You will see the 17th- century church of St Mary of Zion, originally built in the 4th century, which is said to house the Ark of the Covenant brought from the Holy Land ISRAEL. (Sorry, women are not allowed inside). You will also visit the modern church and the interesting little museum on the same grounds. You see the tomb of King Ezana, who ruled Ethiopia in the 4th century and who officially introduced Christianity into his realm. Just outside the town are the remains of the palace of King Kaleb, dating back to the early 6th century, and in the other direction, the ruins of what is reputed to be the Queen of Sheba’s palace.
Overnight at Axum
Day 02 Fly Axum to Lalibela
Catch the morning flight after breakfast, upon arrival meet FTTC agent to drive you to your hotel from the airport. Then drive to see some of the astonishing rockhewn churches for which Lalibela is so justly famous. The rock churches are old more than 900 years, and it is an active Christian shrine, the spiritual center of a town’s religious life. The tour will take one full day to discover all the rock-hewn excavated buildings. Lunch stop at noon from 12:00 am – 02:00 pm.
Overnight at Lalibela

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