Situated on the bank of slow-moving chocolate-brown Baro River, at a lowly altitude of 526m, Gambela is muggy, swampy, sweaty. Long-horned cattle, trailing clouds of dust and led by tall, elegant Nuer and Anuak tribesmen, sweep through the wildlife-haunted savannahs that surround Gambela. In the town itself people loll riverside under the spreading branches of giant trees. Gambela is exotic or least-visited area comparing the other corners of Ethiopia.
Wildlife safari and birding adventure as well as peoples culture are the traveler’s activities in the Gambela region. Gambela National park is the largest park in Ethiopia 4,575-square-kilo meter (1,766 sq miles). This one of the highest of wildlife’s morthan 70 mammals including Af African elephant, African buffalo, White-eared kob bush pig, common warthog, giraffe, hippopotamus, kéwel, Nile lechwe, sable, tiang, topi, and water buck, cheetah, leopard, lion, mantled guereza, olive baboon, patas monkey, and spotted hyena, as well more than 330 bird species including seasonal migratory birds.
Addis Ababa – Gambela via Jima Road.

Duration: 6 Days

Day 01- Addis Ababa – -Jimma .
After 115 km you arrive at the Weliso spa where you will have tea break in the town. Afterwards continue dive to jimma, sot over at Motche, where you will visit one of the typical Gurage thatched houses, set in its grove of ensete — the ‘false banana’, unique to Ethiopia, that bears no fruit but whose roots provide the staple of the Gurage people’s diet. From this area you get a wonderful view of the dominant peak, Mt Mugo. Lunch stop in wolkite town.
Overnight in Jimma
Day 02- Jimma-Gambela
In the morning after breakfast drive to Gambela through Metu after visiting of Jima Aba Jifar old palace. Which is situated on the top hill called Jiren. Afterwards keep drive through the fertile forest low land and valleys. Arrive in Gambela let in the late afternoon. Open lunch box at the open air shed of the trees.
Overnight in Gambela

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